Fee-Only, Independent, Objective

Charles W. Schwab
"Seek out investment managers who are objective and unbiased."

Jane Bryant Quinn, Newsweek
"... commissions have a built-in conflict of interest...even with disclosure, my choice would be a fee-only planner."

Money Magazine
"... compensation should be from fees alone."

Retirement Specialists is an independent, fee-only firm. We provide retirement planning on an hourly basis and manage investment portfolios and are only paid a quarterly percentage based on the amount of money we manage. The fee is collected after the quarter is over and is based on the value of the account at the beginning of the quarter. The fee varies according to the size of the account. Please contact us for more information about our fees.

We specialize in management of 401(k)'s, 403(b)'s, 457's, 401(k), 403(b), 457 Rollovers, Pension Rollovers, IRA's, and the management of retirement funds.

Currently, Retirement Specialists custodies client accounts at TD Ameritrade Institutional.  TD Ameritrade offers a good blend of low trading costs, common investments needed for diversification, and most additional services which retired clients need.   Retirement Specialists and TD Ameritrade are two separate companies.  

TD Ameritrade Institutional