Emotional Issues in Retirement

     A Major Life Change

  ·       Retirement is Much More than Money

 ·       Retirement is a Major Change in Your Schedule

o      No more set time to be at work

o      No more daily relationships at work

o      Many retiree’s find it takes 6 months to adjust to a new schedule

o      Many retiree’s find it takes 2 years to adjust to retirement

 ·       New Routines, Rituals, Structures are Helpful for Transition

o      Set time for lunch and dinner

o      Home chores on a schedule

o      Exercise on a schedule

o      Lunch with a friend, weekly

o      Volunteering

o      Writing

o      Hobbies

o      Grandchildren

o      Working part time

o      Medical appointments take a lot of time

o      Retired man had no time to read

o      The library is my new office

§       Starbucks is my new office

§       Barnes & Noble is my new office


·       Married Indifference

o      Common when partners have focused on children

o      Common when partners have focused on career

  o      After years of limited time together, some partners feel a form of cabin fever

o      Invest in your marriage

o      Go to your “new office” every day


·       Brainstorming or Free Association

o      What are your concerns about money?

o      What are your health concerns?

o      What are your hopes and desires?

o      What would bring you satisfaction in retirement?


·       Almost All Retiree’s do not Have the Money to Leave the Legacy of a Building or College Named After Them

o      Family stories; life lessons for grandchildren

o      This I Believe (TIB’s)

o      Written or video

·       After Meetings; don’t hesitate to call Retirement Specialists with additional questions.  We often come up with questions, concerns after we leave a meeting.